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About The Game

AIE Presents Jumpstart Apocalypse VR. A short stylized zombie hoard shooter where the player must shoot, hack and slash their way to the towns local church and destroy the Bell Tower to stop it from calling the Zombie Invasion.

Fight your way through everlasting hoards of zombies while searching for new weapons, ammo and supplies to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse.

*Virtual Reality Headset is required to play this game*

*Currently does not support localization*


  • An easy on the eyes, colourful open level filled with interactable objects that can be used to attack zombies with.
  • An arsenal which can expand up to four different Firearms
  • Blunt and Sharp Melee weapons to brutally murder zombies with
  • Four different zombie variants to shoot, slash and dance around
  • An adrenalin pumping Punk Rock soundtrack that responds to your gameplay
  • Endless Mode that continues throwing zombies at you until your inevitable demise
  • A Virtual Reality Game that was painstakingly and carefully crafted with love :)

Click Here to listen to full Original Soundtrack

Student Project

This project was developed for Educational Purposes by a team of 9 AIE Students within a 4 month time frame under Remote Circumstances due to COVID-19. Our vision was to create a fun and exciting Virtual Reality game to cater for new potential VR Audiences.


As students we are constantly learning and adapting feedback into our work to improve our abilities and expand our skills. If you feel that anything could be improved, added or changed, please leave us a comment, any sort of critical feedback on our work means the world to us.

Basic Controls

Oculus Quest

  • X - Teleport Movement
  • Left Joystick - Smooth Locomotion
  • Right Trigger - Fire Weapon
  • B - Drop Magazine
  • Left / Right Grip Buttons - Grab
  • Right Joystick Button - Open Weapon Wheel
  • Y - Pause / Unpause Game

HTC Vive

  • Left top Thumbpad - Teleport Movement
  • Left Touch Pad - Smooth Locomotion
  • Right Trigger - Fire Weapon
  • Right Menu Button - Drop Magazine
  • Left and Right Grip Buttons - Grab
  • Right Touchpad Button - Open Weapon Wheel
  • Left Menu Button - Pause / Unpause Game

Tasty Biscuit Team

Adam Jensen

Producer | Creative Director

Website | Linkedin | Youtube

Mathew Thomas

QA Lead | Game Director

Website Linkedin | Youtube

Jaydon Cueva

Level Designer | Technical Director

Website Linkedin Youtube

Josh Moten

Lead Programmer | Gameplay Engineer

Website Linkedin Youtube

Christopher-Robin Ebbinghaus

Dev Ops | Programming

Website Linkedin Youtube

Chris Vogelsang

Art Director | Weapon and Prop Artist

Artstation Linkedin

Regina Kurnya

Environment Artist

Website Artstation Linkedin

Brock Newton

Character Artist

Artstation Linkedin

Vivian Nguyen

Character Animator | User Interface Graphic Design

Artstation Linkedin

Jaymes Jackson [Volunteer]

Original Soundtrack | Voice Actor

Youtube Twitter Twitch


Gmail - tastybiscuitdev@gmail.com